Sleepy & Boo release two track EP

Sleepy & Boo return to Static Music with 'Consonance / Almighty Source'

Sleepy & Boo have returned to the Static Music release with 'Consonance / Almighty Source'. The release offers 2 solid tracks; each a danceable and powerful tune. Utilising their proven experience as both DJs and producers, Sleepy & Boo solidify their place as a duo to keep on your radar.

'Consonance' steadily builds over a repeating bass line motif, which is embellished and layered upon with more sonic elements as the track reaches its climax, taking listeners on an 8 minute journey of synths layering over one another, drum fills rising and falling and a palpable sense of energy throughout. 'Almighty Source' follows 'Consonance', almost seeming like a companion. The pieces compliment each other perfectly, this tune offering more progressive loops on the theme, slowly building an atmosphere as the track pushes on.

Sleepy & Boo's undying passion for underground music pervades everything they do. As DJs, this duo has become essential figures and pre-eminent players in the Big Apple's dynamic music scene. Whether supporting some of the world's biggest DJs, or crafting their own headlining sets, Sleepy & Boo are known for their musical diversity and knack for picking the right tracks at the right moment.

Sleepy & Boo 'Consonance / Almighty Source' is out now from all digital stores; including iTunes,  Traxsource, Beatport  and Spotify.

February 16, 2018 8:33am ET by Static   Comments (0)

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