Tapes turns freestyles into music empires

Imagine if you could go into a club, give the DJs a private listening of your latest track, and receive detailed feedback. Then imagine if you do that in every club in the city. Thanks to Tapes you don't have to imagine any more. Gone are the days of nervously waiting by the decks, hoping to see someone who you can give your record to. Gone are the days of paying for mass mail outs to DJs, and hoping they check their inbox. Tapes lets new artists send their tracks directly to some of the hottest DJs out there. These DJs then stream the tunes, download them and give detailed feedback, based on their vast experience. The old aim for artists was to get their tunes into DJs bags. Tapes lets you get your tunes onto your favourite DJs' phones. Your tune might even be their ringtone. 

Some upcoming artists choose to upload a song to SoundCloud, tweet it, @ their favourite DJ and think that they have aced networking. If only these artists had subscribed to Tapes, where they could have networked with DJs, in a professional environment of mutual respect. 

Tapes is far more than just an app though. The Birmingham-based movement brings together some of the biggest upcoming MCs for over an hour of lyrical swashbuckling in intense cyphers. Are your bars this good? Does the condensation which fills the air after a barbecue, surround the mic whenever you touch it? If this sounds like you, upload your freestyle to Instagram, mentioning @tapesuk and using #tapethat in your post, then follow @tapesuk. Videos with large numbers of likes and comments will be reposted on the official @tapesuk page. The MCs behind the most liked reposted freestyles on @tapesuk will be invited to a cypher where they will rap over beats mixed by some of the finest DJs to grace the decks. 

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