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The Vamps on Connor's stage fall: 'It is the scariest moment we've had playing live so far'

'Wild Heart' heartthrobs The Vamps had a fright last night (February 10) after bassist Connor Ball fell from the stage at London's O2 Arena and they have revealed that it will go down as the scariest moment in their collective career to date. 

In video footage from yesterday's concert, Ball can be seen walking a runway platform while playing bass and fails to see where it ends, which causes him to walk right off the end and drop down onto the floor. He uploaded a photograph of himself wearing an arm sling, but has since confirmed that he didn't break any bones. 

The Vamps' official Twitter page shared an update this morning on Ball's injury and assured fans that he is feeling much better after a trip to the hospital to rule out anything serious: "Connor is okay guys. Thanks for your messages. He just needs to rest and take it easy for a few days. Scary moment for all of us."

Member James McVey also tweeted about the incident, admitting that he didn't even know Ball had fallen from the stage because he was so wrapped up in performing: "Had no idea Connor fell off stage last night until I was at my mic. It was my scariest moment so far playing live. Love you con. #oblivious."

The lads will perform their final support slot with Taylor Swift later this evening at the O2 Arena before heading out to the USA for their first headlining concert in America, which is due to be held at the Gramercy Theatre in New York. On March 14, the rising stars will go out on tour with The Wanted.




Watch Ball's stage accident below: