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The Vamps' James McVey on dating rumours: 'I shall be the first to let you all know'

Heartthrob James McVey, of The Vamps fame, has taken to his official Twitter page to address the rumours swirling around about his love life. 

Writing on the site earlier today (March 31), the musician explained that he wanted to clear up some of the stories he has been hearing about himself lately, and even reached out to Diana Vickers to ask why people have linked them together romantically:

"Just seen people talking about rumours about me and a fan... Sorry that there's no majorly exciting gossip... I'm not sure I've met her..."

"However, if anything changes I shall be the first to let you all know."

He then returned to the social networking site and added: "Okay. I admit it... I have been seeing someone... I wasn't ready to tell you all... Connor... I think it's time we spill! @TheVampsCon. I think people think we are dating @DianaVickers... I am confused."

On March 29, McVey posted a message on Twitter that saw him apologising for being a 'shy and awkward' member of The Vamps: "I'm sorry if people think I'm a constant bellend, I'm so shy and awkward and never know what to do... I suck at being in a band."

Watch The Vamps play 'chubby bunny' below: