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Connor Ball from The Vamps tells us about his Christmas and New Year plans

Connor Ball, of The Vamps fame, recently sat down with Pressparty for an end of year catch up and we asked him about his plans for Christmas and New Year. 

How are you going to spend the festive season, Con? "We've got a month off at Christmas so we'll get to see everyone from home - like friends and family and stuff, it should be really fun, yeah. I haven't really thought about it (buying gifts)! I haven't thought about Christmas yet (laughs)... I'll be at home with all the family and hopefully some of my family from Scotland will come down. That'll be nice."

What about New Year's Eve, how would you like to spend that? "I don't know... I do want to go away, but I don't know where yet - whether it's hot or cold, I'll have to decide nearer to the time!"

Do you have any resolutions? "I would love to be able to play some other instruments - like a really weird instrument, maybe, like a violin or something. I'd love to play, that'd be awesome... it'd probably screech! I guess it's quite similar once you get used to it! I play ukelele and guitar and other string instruments, so... it sounds good to me!" 

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