Artist Spotlight: Dom Sith

In this next Artist Spotlight, we chat to Chester-based instrumental-electronic artist Dom Sith about his music and inspirations.

How are you today? Good! Losing my mind a little, and not sleeping. What's new? That's not cool though, kids. Sleep is good for the soul!

What inspired your track, 'Whip'? This is the first track that I really want to push out into the world; when I started making electronic music, it was catharsis for me, man. I just wanted to make some beats that would make me smile, and hopefully a few other people too, that is literally that!

Who are your musical inspirations? In electronic music? I'd say a lot of trip-hop and industrial music, but I really love chillout music too; acts like Tycho, Boards Of Canada, Tricky and Massive Attack. I also play drums in a hardcore punk band called Seep Away, though - so, I listen to a lot of metal and punk, bands like Turnstile, Amen, Black Flag, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.

What are your plans for 2017? I'd say try to get better, make more beats, and find a vocalist to work on some tracks with!

What inspired you to make electronic music in the first place? I'd say it's always been a life goal of mine to do something electronic, I made sure both of my band projects - Seep Away and Stickybackplastics. had remixes done when we released new music! I mean, I've always loved electronic stuff, and so I had to experiment with it at some point, I mean, I'm totally just starting out, so I can get better, and I definitely wanna get more proficient using Ableton Software and Novation gear sooner rather than later, so it'll be a nice challenge for 2017! 

Does Chester's music scene inspire you at all? It's a lovely place to live, for certain! You've definitely got to work a little harder to find music and gigs! It's an up-and-coming place! I've had the great fortune to live, and spend time looking around cities like York, Hull, Manchester and London, so coming from those types of places with their very open music scenes, Chester was a little weird for me. I heard it once described - by Dan Read, who books at The Live Rooms, a great venue in the area - as "an emerging market". I like that, although apparently it's been an emerging market for quite a while now! There are a lot of great artists there though; Peaness, Chemistry Lane, Hannah Golightly and The Ladder are a few strong favourites of mine. There seems to be a real market for acoustic acts, and indie bands in Chester - not so much metal and rock though, I'd like to see that change this year!

What other bands are inspiring you at the moment? Bone Cult from Nottingham, and Little Death Machine from London! There are some wicked bands on Hull's music scene at the moment too! I'm from the Hull area originally, so I'm all about this City of Culture stuff! Cannibal Animal are great, as well as Chambers, Three Day Millionaires, James Orvis, endoflevelbaddie and Chiedu Oraka are awesome too! In York - where the rest of Seep Away are based - you've got Bull, Boss Caine, Luuna, Eugene Gorgeous, Birdman Rallies, Haxby Swango, A Joker's Rage, Snakerattlers, The Goodnight Ladies and loads more too. It's a great time to be a music fan from Yorkshire, and the North of England in general! The work ethic of these bands and artists is insane.

Why the name Dom Sith? Err, my real name is Dom Smith, so that's kind of an easy one. Maybe I'm just really lazy! Ha! I also really like the idea of the Sith being a negative influence, or a darker side...terrible pun intended. I wanted to explore some darker sonic ideas in this music, though I only seem to be putting out fairly upbeat tunes right now! I need to be more miserable in the future!

Where can people find you? Down the rabbit hole, man! Or, you know...Soundcloud's probably a good start!

January 10, 2017 9:50pm by Creative Condition  

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