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, , impersonates Donald Trump for GRAB'm by the PU$$Y video

Black Eyed Peas and The Voice mentor,, has parodied US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, in a video for Funny of Die

Liane V plays the part of Madam Boss, and says to the Trump character:

“I’m a woman and I’m strong
And don’t you forget it
Because I am intelligent
I’m somebody’s daughter
I’m somebody’s boss
I could be the next president
So give me the respect now.”

The video is called 'GRAB'm by the PU$$Y'.

At the end of the video reveals himself and says: "It's obvious I don't look like Donald Trump. But what's more obvious is that Donald Trump does not look like the president of the United States of America.

"If this was a TV show, maybe I would watch it, it would be pretty funny... this is real life with real life problems."

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Watch as Donald Trump below:


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