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, , , , , , , , , , , , teases "personal" new Britney Spears album has suggested that Britney Spears' forthcoming new album will be more than just "beats and choruses".

The music maestro has collaborated with the singer in the past on the likes of single 'Scream & Shout' and it has been mooted that he will work on her next album.

Speaking in a Google+ Hangout chat, the '#willpower' man refused to confirm speculation that he will be an executive producer on the record - but he did reveal the album will be a "personal" affair. The Voice UK coach said:

"I can say that whatever I end up doing on Britney's eighth album is being taken with a real, serious care. When I talked to Britney, Adam [Leber] and Larry [Rudolph], I think me and Britney need to have conversations about life and turn them into songs. Not just take a hot beat and a hot chorus. I could do that all day. But how do we make it personal, when it bleeds from the heart? How do we take time and care and connect? That is what we've been doing." continued: "We've just been having conversations and having lunch, meeting and having fun. Then we'll think about the music, after we've had all those bondings. That's why you'll see me tweeting about bonding and lunch."





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