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Friday, May 26, 2017 4:36am ET by  

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Zayn's second album set to show "a lot of growth"

Zayn's second album will have a "more optimistic tone" than his first.

The singer, who parted ways with boy band One Direction in 2015, released his debut solo album, 'Mind of Mine' last year.

RCA Records CEO, Peter Edge, has revealed that whilst the record documented the "challenging time" he had leaving the group, his upcoming second venture is set to "show a lot of growth". He said:

"It wasn't easy making that decision and having the courage to step out first and make a record. This album has a more optimistic tone to it after coming through that more challenging time. It shows a lot of growth.

"If you think about the lyrics, it's talking about how it's great to be young and knowing you've still got time to do everything you want to do in life.

Since releasing 'Still Got Time' in March, three of the members of One Direction - which includes Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson - have released their own solo ventures.

Edge said: "While we're conscious of what everybody else is doing, I think we're on the page that we just have to get on with releasing the music. Everybody is going to coexist. What's emerging is that there are different musical styles that each member is getting into." He told Entertainment Weekly magazine:

"Zayn just wants to make his music and do what he does. I think he definitely wants a lot of himself in there, and I think that's what the last record had - it maybe even gave people more insight than they thought they were going to get." 

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