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Adam Lambert initially terrified to be imitating icon Freddie Mercury

Singer Adam Lambert has opened up about performing as the frontman of iconic rock band Queen and confessed that he was initially very nervous because the late Freddie Mercury was such a unique person. 

He told Access Hollywood that he tried to play down his anxieties and put on a "poker face": "Inside I was full panic. I had the best poker face on I could have and I made it look like I wasn't nervous, but I was kind of trembling and terrified!"

When asked how he steps out onto the stage every night on tour to perform songs that were made famous by such an inimitable artist, Lambert added:

"It's a balancing act. I don't want to go too far away from the original because it's so iconic and Freddie was so incredible at what he was doing, and yet I don't want to get up there and copy him either because I think that would be a rip off for fans of the band. The goal is to go out there and pay homage to Freddie and bring these amazing songs for life, and join Roger (Taylor) and Brian (May) in reliving their legacy, you know?"

Watch the band and Lambert performing together here:

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