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Adam Lambert on going less glam

Adam Lambert has opened up about his appearance - and revealed why he is looking less 'glam' than he did when he broke into the mainstream.

Lambert often sported a flamboyant look post American Idol but seems to be looking a bit more reserved as he promotes his upcoming album, 'Trespassing'.

And in a video interview with Access Hollywood aired yesterday (February 3), Lambert reckoned the glam look was a defence mechanism after he was thrusted into the limelight. He said:

"I think in a way there was a part of me that was putting all of that on as a slight defence. It's a very shocking thing to go into the mainstream all of a sudden and so fast, on American Idol, and I think it was like my form of protection - 'I'm going to put on as much eyeliner as I can and hide behind that'."

Pressparty were invited last night (February 3) to a special, intimate performance from Lambert in London, where he performed tracks and spoke to the audience - read all about it here.




Watch the video for Adam Lambert speak to Access Hollywood below: