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Adam Lambert hits back at concert protesters: 'The only lifestyle my shows promote is one of love'

'Trespassing' superstar Adam Lambert was shocked to discover that his concert tonight (March 8) had been slammed by a Christian member of the public and protested against.

He will perform later this evening at the Star Theatre in Singapore, but the venue is owned by The Star Performing Arts Centre which is part of the New Creation Church who earlier this week reported that a member of their belief group was concerned that "the gay lifestyle may be promoted at the concert and that the concert venue is owned by a church."

Speaking about the impending performance, Lambert told The Straits Times: "It promotes love. My show doesn't promote any lifestyle except the lifestyle of love, acceptance, positivity, joy, connection. And that includes everybody, that's my message."

He added that any agenda the venue is pushing is something out of his control and something he wants nothing to do with: "If the venue has a specific view on what it wants to promote, that's it's job and not mine."

Earlier today (March 8), it was confirmed that Lambert will headline this year's Miami Beach Gay Pride festival in Florida.





Watch Lambert perform a cover of 'Shout' at a recent concert here: