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Adam Lambert questions why people are so "hyper-sensitive"

Adam Lambert believes people are taking too entertainment seriously, causing them to be easily offended as a result.

The singer posted his view in a series of Twitter messages that suggested some people are just looking for something to "bitch about".

However, the 'Trespassing' man believes that the public's often allergic reaction to some forms of entertainment is just representative of life as a whole.

He said: "As a society, are we getting more and more hyper-sensitive to every little trivial thing? How are we so easily "offended" these days. #chill."

Lambert continued: "Entertainment isn't heart surgery. Why do so many onlookers take it so literally? so seriously? It's as if they're forgetting its purpose. Sometimes I wonder if some people just want something to bitch about. Lol. I can't keep up w all the double standards & contradictions. But as I said, it's just entertainment -ain't THAT deep. K I'll stop ranting."

The singer, who recently made his debut on US TV show Glee, concluded: "I just read thru a bunch of ur tweets. It's so inspiring 2 have these forums w u. I'm impressed w all the intelligence I just witnessed. ;)."

Lambert meanwhile, who released his last album 'Trespassing' in 2012, is currently working on material for his next record.






Watch Adam Lambert tease a new puppet-themed episode of Glee below:


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