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Adam Lambert: '2014 is going to be wild'

'Trespassing' superstar Adam Lambert recently performed at a charity event for The Trevor Project, which is a crisis intervention and suicide prevention service for the LGBT community, and opened up about his plans for the next twelve months.

Speaking live from the red carpet about the year ahead, he confessed that he's currently tied up with 'Glee' and his role on the show, but is due to unveil some brand new music: "Well, I've been doing 'Glee', which is great and I'm having fun with 'Glee'... I'm working on new music, something probably out next year, and yeah... we'll see what happens! 2014 is going to be wild!"

He also admitted that taking part in events curated by The Trevor Project is important to him and he's proud to support such a worthwhile organisation: "The Trevor Project brings people together [...] For me, I like to be part of any LGBT project or organisation. Any way that we can lend support. There are young people out there who feel they don't have a voice. They feel like they're alone and they're not."

"There's a song called 'Outlaws of Love' (on 'Trespassing') that I wrote specifically for this type of feeling. You feel like you're at the end of your rope and have no where else to turn, and you feel like maybe 'no one understands me'. There are tons of us out there who feel the same way and who understand."

He then opened up about confidence and explained that it's important to look to loved ones for support in difficult times, adding that if that kind of love and encouragement isn't there maybe it might be useful to turn to the internet and reach out to likeminded people via social media sites:

"Everybody has insecurities. They're magnified by certain things and being in the public eye doesn't make it any easier. It makes your insecurities magnified a hundred times! I think, turn to you friends, turn to your family - the ones that support you. If they do... if they don't, that's what's great about technology and the era we're living in. You can reach out and make friends across the country."






Watch Lambert's full red carpet interview from the 1:24:00 mark below: