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Eminem proud to be off drugs

American rapper Eminem has revealed that he is "proud" he won his battle with drugs.

Discussing his time in rehab in 2005 and beating his addiction, he said, "I handle things a lot differently now. I'm proud to be able to say that I’m an addict without any shame in it. I’m proud that I’m able to admit that I have a problem with a certain thing and I have to leave it alone and accept it. I’m proud that I’m strong enough to be able to walk away form those things."

He added, "I got the information, the analysis - I don’t know if that’s the word - of my personality. What type of person I am, why I have this addictive behavior, why I need instant gratification from certain things, why I feel a certain way because my childhood was this way or that way. I got all of those tools, which made me understand why I had to leave that stuff alone. But I didn’t use it and that’s why I went back to it."