Lou Reed: the Subject of Chris Singleton's Attention

Single released 1 October 2010 on IRL



Chris Singleton and the Distractions’ new double A-side, "Lose it" / "Lou Reed", is a fantastic example of the clever, engaging and dirty rock that has won Chris Singleton serious plaudits.

"Lose It" tells a darkly humourous story of being red-carded at a 90s disco in Dublin, using a mix of funk, Primal Scream guitar solos, Beatle-esque harmonies and above all, a cracking melody. "Lou Reed" is part homage to the coolest, grumpiest man in rock, part tongue-in-cheek snipe at the legions of musicians who think they are the next Velvet Underground – delivered, naturally, with a dose of irony, early Velvets guitars and Transformer-style gospel vocals.

The single was recorded by London production team The Style Factory and appropriately, given the subject matter of the second track, mastered by none other than Lou Reed’s band’s musical director, Rupert Christie.

The album Lady Gasoline is out now, and was mastered at Abbey Road by Steve Rooke (Beatles, John Lennon, David Bowie, New Order, Stereolab).

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About Chris Singleton

Chris Singleton is a Dublin-born, London-based musician obsessed with classic pop music. He writes gems of songs drenched in melody. To record his music, Chris has had to overcome a rare ear condition, hyperacusis - an ‘allergy to sound’ in which everyday noises, let alone music, are extremely painful. He also experiences synesthesia, a condition where he "sees" sounds and words in colour and assigns personalities to them – try asking Chris what colour a Monday is, or what kind of ‘person’ the chord of E is…

Quirky gigs on London public transport – on a bus, a boat, a tube and a taxi – to reflect the travel themes on his first album, Twisted City, led to widespread coverage on BBC and ITV; a distribution deal with Universal; and national airplay and plaudits in both the UK and Ireland. His new album, Lady Gasoline, has received excellent reviews and has led to Chris being featured on BBC Breakfast TV, BBC radio, RTE radio, and in Q Magazine, Music Week and the Irish Times amongst many other publications.

Praise for Chris Singleton

"Casting a vast net covering everything from baggy to glam to electro-pop, Singleton's sprightly power pop and lyrics ensure he's never less than genial company" - Q Magazine

"With a fantastic production that soundchecks everyone from Lou Reed to Madchester, Lady Gasoline is full of musical depth and packed with sure-fire radio hits"– Music Week

"One of the most promising songwriters to surface this year." - Clash Magazine

"Very well recorded and mixed – and extremely enjoyable" – Steve Rooke, Beatles mastering engineer

"Sharp pop that spans the ages from Lou Reed through Talking Heads and David Bowie to Neil Finn and his favoured Beatles." - The Daily Express

"Some of the best pop/rock you are likely to hear this or any year" – Irish Times

‘A post-punk power-pop belter with stylistically diverse crafted songs that trade on wit as well as melody…Chris could rock planet earth’ – Dubliner Magazine

"Cracking, commercial tunes." - Irish Independent

"Lady Gasoline is unashamedly in thrall to the past, littered with faithful evocations of raunchy glam-rock, pulsating electro-pop and even the odd ballad that would probably shift millions…This is a fine album. ****" – Sunday Business Post


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