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Napster man plans comeback

Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster, has acquired a $15m (£9.3m) stake in Spotify, a London-based site that allows listeners to enjoy free music streamed over their computer.

Parker, now best-known for Justin Timberlake's portrayal of him in 'The Social Network' film, incurred the wrath of record labels when he co-founded Napster at the age of 19. Parker went on to become Facebook's founding president.

Parker plans to relaunch Spotify in America and hopes to make up for the failure of Napster which was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Parker said: "With Spotify, I want to finish what I started with Napster."

Watch a clip of Sean Parker talk about his Facebook strategy at 'The Allure of the Hive' roundtable discussion at the Philoctetes Center in May 2010: