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Lauren Jauregui campaigns for Philando Castile's killer 'not to profit' from his death

Lauren Jauregui is campaigning to ensure the police officer who killed Philando Castile receives no severance pay.

Currently, Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer in question, is in talks with the City of St Anthony's legal department about severance pay after being fired from the police force.

Unarmed Philando Castile was shot dead in his car where he was with his girlfriend by his side and her 4-year-old daughter in the backseat. Yanez was brought to trial but a mostly-white jury found him not guilty after 5 days of deliberation. 

Jauregui tweeted a link to a online petition which describes a severance pay as Yanez profiting 'off the killing of Philando Castile'.

Yanez has been on full paid leave for the past year since the incident.

Earlier Jauregui tweeted: "Like, let's please stop calling this a f**king "justice system" when there are innocent people in jail for murders they didn't do while an officer (who is sworn to protect citizens) is committing murder on camera and walks away scath free. Don't do it [sic].

"It devastated me every single time, but there is a real eeriness about the fact that the murder was on tape and there isn't a single charge."

On July 6 2016 in Minnesota, Castile was shot several times after he was pulled over and asked to show I.D. He was reaching for his firearm license when the officer fired. Bravely, his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, live streamed on Facebook what took place afterwards on her mobile. 

Castile was a 32-year-old nutrition services supervisor at a Montessori school and had been stopped by the police 52 times for minor traffic infractions. This time he was stopped for a broken taillight according to Reynolds. The police said he was pulled over as he resembled a recent robbery suspect due to his 'wide-set nose'.

Janez was acquitted on Friday (June 16).

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