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Russell Brand on sex scenes

Russell Brand has revealed that he was once set alight on a film set.

The comedian, who reprised his 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' role as Aldous Snow in 'Get Him to the Greek', said that another "bad bit" of making the movie was having to film a sex scene.

Brand said, "I got set on fire once. There's a bit in the movie where I do a concert, and there's a wall of sparks raining down from the heavens. And it caught me on fire. I stood in the wrong place; I caught on fire for a little. That was a bad bit. Sex scenes are actually sort of stressful. Not like actual sex - not as I know it. The threesome scene was really awkward and difficult. Because sex, when it's done properly, is about creating a wonderful atmosphere of intimacy, escape and adventure. Sex scenes are about hesitant, angular, choreographed moves. And this is a comedy sex scene as well, so it goes on for ages, and you're standing with no pants, hunched over someone. You're aware of each other's breath mingling but without the baseline of lust pounding rhythmically through the act. It's awful."