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Victoria Beckham to go to World Cup

Victoria Beckham has confirmed that her husband David will go to the World Cup with the England team.

The Spice Girls star claimed that David will be heading to South Africa in June, despite damaging his Achilles tendon and being unable to play.

"Yes, he's still going to go to the World Cup. All the players - both in England and in Milan - have been so sweet and so supportive, but it's just so great to have him back," she told GMTV.

Speaking about their family life since he suffered the injury in March, she added, "He's doing really great. I left him on homework duty - so he's there right now finishing off the homework as I had to rush out. He's doing really great, it's incredible to have him home, he's happy to be home. He's on really great form, really great form. He's hobbling around the house, poor thing."