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Alexis Jordan's debut fragrance would "smell of soap"

Alexis Jordan has already taken the music world by storm and now has her sights set on branching out. 

The 'Good Girl' hitmaker is a huge fan of beauty products and would love follow in the footsteps of other singers by launching her own fragrance, and explained that hers would "smell of soap":

"I can't tell you that because if I come up with a great name, someone might steal it! It would smell very fresh, like soap. I like the smell of soap."

She also revealed that she has an obsession with lip balm and lipstick, so a move into cosmetics may eventually be on the cards for the talented young star:

"I always carry around Chap Stick or lip balm or something like that and I just like Chap Stick in general. I have to always have something on my lips."

She recently performed on T4 on the Beach and you can watch her rendition of 'Hush Hush' from the event here: