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Salaam Remi: 'I wish I'd told Amy Winehouse that I loved her'

Salaam Remi, the producer who worked on Amy Winehouse's posthumous release 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures', has revealed that he regrets not telling the tragic singer he loved her. 

Speaking about his relationship with Winehouse and his reaction to her untimely death, Remi explained how he learned the hard way that life is too short and that you should never hold back from telling someone you care about them:

"This just comes down to my life lessons this weekend, which was, if you love somebody, tell them now. I was in London and I didn't got to see her. I was waiting until Sunday and she passed on Saturday. Why didn't I go? I didn't even talk to her."

"I feel the same way with the music and whatever stories and ideas I have regarding that I have at this point, which I want to share with the world."




Referring specifically to Winehouse's latest record, 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures', he added that there was no point leaving the unreleased material on his hard drive and he wanted to just bite the bullet and get the music out there while he could:

"it makes no sense at this point me having these things in my hard drive. And her family not knowing. Why should I be sitting on it? Because what if something happened to me? That's lost forever because of what?"

Watch Remi talk about the plans Winehouse had shared with him before her death earlier this year below: