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Avril Lavigne is "insulted" by pregnancy rumours

Avril Lavigne has commented on the rumours circulating that she is pregnant and she is "insulted" by them.

The Canadian popstar, who is dating Hills star, Brody Jenner, was spotted wearing a poncho last week it sparked the rumour that she was pregnant.

She clarified with Access Hollywood that she is not pregnant:

"Oh my god! I was out getting my nails done with my girlfriend and I had a poncho on...there was a whole thing online that I was pregnant. I'm like, ' How insulting!' So no, I'm not. Obviously!"

When they asked her if she was planning to start a family, she replied with: "Not anytime soon!"

The singer, who turns 27 next week, recently played in London, where she was promoting her "honest" album, 'Goodbye Lullaby'.  

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