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Avril Lavigne on P!nk: 'I've seen her change, she's a really good singer'

'Happy Ending' rocker Avril Lavigne has opened up about being a female singer and the relationship she has with her contemporaries, and confessed that they've all changed with age. 

During an interview with Maria Menounos, the hitmaker explained that she used to be a fan of P!nk's music, but feels as though her style has shifted:

"I think Pink’s a really good singer… She was signed before I was to LA Reid and he discovered me as well and so I remember when I first got signed to Arista Records when I was 15 and getting a copy of her CD. Her sound was so different back then to how it is now. Now she’s more like pop rock. I’ve seen her change. I just feel really grateful to still be here today making music."

When asked if she's friends with the likes of P!nk, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, Lavigne admitted: "Nope (laughs) But it’s kind of cool that everyone’s still around."

The star was also quizzed about her opinion on Miley Cyrus's recent MTV VMAs performance and was careful not to criticise, adding: "A lot of people are talking about [the VMAs] so I guess that’s a good thing for her.”






Watch Lavigne's music video for 'Rock N Roll' here: