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Beyoncé: "I think I'm a mermaid"

The Queen of Glastonbury 2011, Beyoncé, thinks she was probably a mermaid in a past life. 

In a one-off documentary called 'Beyoncé - Year of '4'', which will air this Thursday (July 7) on MTV, she reveals that taking a year off was the best thing she could have done and spent a lot of time by the sea as it makes her feel "almost like I've been baptised and I'm born again". 

"I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by water, I think I'm a mermaid or I was a mermaid."

"The ocean makes me feel really small and it puts my whole life in perspective. It reminds me I'm a very little piece of this huge earth and it humbles me and grounds me .It makes me feel almost like I've been baptised and I'm born again when I get out of the ocean."

The 'Irreplaceable' hitmaker admitted that she probably wouldn't have taken the 12-month hiatus if not for her mother's suggestion of a break:

"After I finished the last tour, I was a bit overwhelmed and overworked and my mother was the person who preached to me - almost harassed me - every day, saying, 'You really need to live your life and open your eyes, you don't want to wake up with no memories and never being able to see the world.'"

"I went scuba diving in the red sea and the coral was spectacular, it was unreal that something that beautiful exists and I was so close to it."

You can watch 'Beyoncé - Year of 4' in full below: