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Bloc Party confirm new music with original line up

Bloc Party have confirmed that they will return to music with their original line up to produce a brand new album in 2012. 

Fans of the band were shocked in September of last year after frontman Kele Okereke revealed the rest of the group had been auditioning new singers behind his back, but he spoke to Radio 1's Zane Lowe yesterday (January 3) and explained that the "energy" between them is still there so they have decided to work on new material:

"It's nice to feel that the music we're making is the sound of all us in a room together again because we haven't done that for a while. We've all felt that whatever energy was there in the beginning was definitely still there. That's the reason for making the record again." 




He also opened up about the tracks Bloc Party have written together so far and added that they dont "sound like anyone else on the planet" so can't wait to unveil them when the time is right:

"I think the people that will be into indie music now will be the people that love it. That's somewhat liberating. We can do whatever we want now and people will come to it on its own terms. I'm excited about the idea of making rock music again. It feels like the record that we're making doesn't sound like anyone else on the planet - that's a really good feeling."

Watch the band's video for their well-loved hit 'Banquet' below: