The Nathassia Devine Show (Free Live Streaming Event)

The Nathassia Devine Show 

You will be taken you on a spellbinding journey with truly mesmerising visuals that transport you into the future. Audaciously crafted live electronica fused with world music sounds. 

Paganism to Transhumanism | Egypt to Nanotech | Third Eye to A.I.

"A role model for Multiculturalism" - Mauritius Times
"An artist unlike any other" - T.H.E. Music Essentials
"Incredible costumes, LEDs and music" - Beltane Festival

Recent support from BBC 6, KISS FM, MIXMAG & IHOUSEU.

Free Live Stream from Nathassia Devine London Studio
Percussion by Assaf Seewi
Warm up DJ Rob Focuz Original Primate
Decor: Deliberate Space Decor

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