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Cheryl Cole: 'I can't eat sushi anymore but I love mozzarella'

Songstress Cheryl Cole has opened up about her eating habits and revealed that she has a passion for cheese and there's one kind in particular she can't get enough of. 

Speaking to Hello! magazine recently, the 'Call My Name' beauty admitted that she does have one food intolerance, but it hasn't impacted her diet too much:

"I have been diagnosed as being intolerant to soya, so maybe that has made a difference. Sadly it means no more sushi - that used to be my favourite food. Now it's burrata mozzarella...I'm a bit obsessed.”

Cole also told that she has an insatiable sweet tooth, which she indulges every now and again: "I don’t follow any strict diets, I just eat sensibly. 'I’m not eating McDonald’s or pizza every day but I do allow myself one cheat day a week, normally on a Sunday. I have a really sweet tooth and love cupcakes, doughnuts. Basically anything that’s really bad for you.”

She has also now confirmed that her forthcoming new single will be called 'Crazy Stupid Love' and features Tinie Tempah. The track will receive its first radio play on Monday, June 2. 

Watch her music video for 'Under The Sun' below: