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Cheryl Cole hates fad diets

Cheryl Cole has revealed that fad diets simply don't work for her and, like every other woman, she works hard to take care of her figure.

In a new interview with May's issue of Marie Claire, the 'Promise This' songstress explained that her "weight fluctuates", but she tries to avoid crash dieting because it can do more harm than good:

I’m like any other woman. My weight fluctuates. I have a pair of jeans one size bigger than the others just in case that week I'm a little heavier. "

"I work out and try to make healthy choices," Cole revealed. "I try to avoid [diets] like the plague. That can get you into a vicious circle. I did when I was younger."

In the same interview, Cole also slammed music mogul Louis Walsh for his work as a manager with Girls Aloud.




Watch her music video for 'Parachute' below: