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Cheryl Cole: "Simon Cowell is just a big kid"

Cheryl Cole has opened up on her working relationship with Simon Cowell, calling him a "big kid".

Speaking to Metro Radio, Cole responded to suggestions from an upcoming Cowell biography that the music mogul had strong feelings from her.

However, Cole said that she never got that feeling from Cowell. She said:

"I never, ever felt that vibe from Simon. Never ever."

She also said that Cowell is "just laughing" at the controversy that has come out of the biography. She added: "I have spoken to him since and he's just laughing. He called me a toy to my face. If you read it the way people read it, it sounds awful. It was only ever used as a term of endearment to us, joking like. When we got the first new 'X Factor' set he called and said, 'I've got a new toy'. It's like a train set. He's just a big kid."




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