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Cheryl Cole says accent had no part in her X Factor USA departure

'Call My Name' star Cheryl Cole has revealed that her untimely departure from X Factor USA had nothing to do with her thick accent, despite the persistent rumours that suggest otherwise.

Speaking to GQ magazine, the Newcastle-born hitmaker and Girls Aloud member explained that she works with Americans constantly and they have no trouble understanding her accent so that definitely wasn't a contributing factor to her swift exit:

"Me leaving the show was nothing to do with my Newcastle accent. I work with Americans all the time."

Cole also admitted that while in Afghanistan last year, the troops encouraged her to "blow up" a test dummy dressed as music mogul Simon Cowell and she said it "felt great":

"The troops in Afghanistan thought it would be funny to dress one of the test dummies as Simon and blow him up in front of me. It felt great, actually. When I landed back in England there was a message from Simon – 'Hello, Cheryl. So now that you've blown me up in Afghanistan can we talk?' – and we did."




Check out the teaser clip for her new single's forthcoming music video below: