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Cheryl Cole unveils new album tracklisting and artwork

Cheryl Cole has unveiled the cover artwork and tracklisting for her new album.

The singer is set to release 'A Million Lights' soon and today (May 24) she gave more information about the highly anticipated album.

The cover sees a large photo of her face with the word 'Cheryl' emblazoned at the top.

The album will mark her third solo release, following on from 2009's '3 Words' and her 2010 effort, 'Messy Little Raindrops'.

She has already released the likes of single 'Call My Name' and also 'Love Killer' from the album.


The tracklisting meanwhile sees 11 songs on the standard edition and 15 on the deluxe copy. The full listing is as follows:

1. 'Under The Sun'
2. 'Call My Name'
3. 'Craziest Things'
4. 'Girl In The Mirror'
5. 'A Million Lights'
6. 'Screw You'
7. 'Love Killer'
8. 'Ghetto Baby'
9. 'Sexy Den A Mutha'
10. 'Mechanics of the Heart'
11. 'All Is Fair'

(Deluxe Edition)

12. 'Boys Lie'
13. 'One Thousand'
14. 'Telescope'
15. 'Last One Standing'

Watch the video for Cheryl Cole's 'Call My Name' below: