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Cheryl Cole says Tulisa sex tape leak was "sickening"

Cheryl Cole has given her thoughts on Tulisa's recent sex tape leak, calling it "sickening" and "hideous".

The N-Dubz singer was the subject of a sex tape leak earlier this year before admitting her part in the video through a YouTube confession.

Speaking to the Observer, Cole said that she was "sickened" by the incident and that Tulisa responded in the best possible way by admitting her role in the video. Speaking about the leak, she said:

"It's just hideous. You never expect in a million years to be put in that situation. Whether or not you choose to do that, you still would never expect that to happen. It's an intimate moment with somebody I suppose you believe you can trust. It's sickening."

She continued: "To come out and say: It was me, I was 17, whatever age she was, and I was in love and everything - I think that's the best way: just face it head on, you know. I just think there should be a line drawn - just that you're a human being who goes through real things, and emotion."




Watch the video for Cheryl Cole's latest single 'Call My Name' below: