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Cheryl Cole says Nicola Roberts' solo work didn't get enough recognition

Cheryl Cole has suggested that Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts didn't get enough credit for her solo work.

Roberts released her debut solo album 'Cinderella's Eyes' in 2011 and was largely praised for thinking outside of the box in terms of pop music.

Speaking to Attitude, Cole believes however that not enough people gave it the credit that it deserved. She said:

"I think Nicola's album was a great album and very, very reflective of her personality. And she's a perfectionist as well; she would have gone in, changed words. We have a very different technique in recording."

Cole continued: "This was her first. I've already had two albums, so that build-up has been a while. She was ready to let loose and that's exactly what she did, it was perfect. Her album didn't get enough recognition for my liking. I was trying to get her to write one for my record, actually, but she didn't have time for us!"




Watch the video for Nicola Roberts' 'Yo-Yo' below: