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Cheryl Cole wrote autobiography to clear up gossip

Cheryl Cole has revealed that she decided to release an autobiography in order to clear up all the rumours she’s had to deal with over her career.

The Girls Aloud star, whose life story will hit the shelves in the Autumn, told the Evening Standard that she felt it was about time she got to set the record straight about various pieces of gossip:

“The amount of s**t I've had to read and endure and cry about and deal with has become very frustrating. And then there was a point earlier this year when a guy called MC Harvey claimed he'd had a relationship with me. It was completely false.

"I've had enough of other people's s**t and it's time to have my own say. I was always happy to keep my mouth shut, but it's, like, when a bully slaps someone and slaps someone and finally I've had enough. That story just tipped us (me) over the edge. I'm going to put it in my own words."

The 29-year-old also dismissed reports that she was ever romantically involved with manager

“Of course that’s the natural thing people go to. Heaven forbid you should have any other kind of relationship with someone from the opposite sex. I was still married then, too.

“I had always thought Will was quirky and out there and just ridiculously talented, and he is all those things. He’s amazing and we just clicked straight away.”




Watch the video for Cheryl Cole's 'Under The Sun' below: