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Coldplay unveil mesmerising music video for 'Charlie Brown'

Coldplay have debuted their brand new video for 'Charlie Brown', which features their exciting illuminated accessory the Xyloband. 

The group, who teamed up with a man named Jason Regler to create the multi-coloured flashing wristband, will release 'Charlie Brown' as their third cut from 'Mylo Xyloto' and the new video is visually stunning. 

It shows the stars performing the track in a live environment set against flourescent lights and the scenes are littered with sparkling colours emitted from the Xylobands, worn by everyone involved. 

Coldplay also took to their official Twitter account earlier today, February 3, and shared a link with their fans that explains how the innovative Xylobands were both created and became a part of their live show. 




Watch their video for 'Charlie Brown' below: