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Dannii Minogue denies split

‘X Factor’ star Dannii Minogue has denied rumours that she and her partner rugby player Kris Smith have split up.

The couple, who have an 11-year-old son, were reported split up by many tabloids, but today (May 29) they issued a joint statement assuring that all is well.

Speculation over a possible split began when a cryptic tweet appeared on Dannii’s Twitter page, saying: "Never chase love. If it isn't given freely, it's not worth having." To which Kris replied: "You don't know what you've lost til it's gone."

However, the messages have since been deleted and the pair were seen together at a TV studio in Australia.

A statement from the couple today said: "Thanks for your concern. We're happy to be back at home in Melbourne together as a family,” they wrote. “We are committed to our relationship and Ethan as always."

See the happy couple answering some questions for a KIA promotion earlier this year, here: