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Dannii Minogue "may be having a mid-life crisis"

Dannii Mingoue thinks she might be on the verge of "a mid-life crisis" because she will turn 40 this coming Thursday, October 20. 

The singer and presenter told Britain's Fabulous magazine that she's excited to enter a new phase of her life but has started buying "rock chick" clothing and this behaviour has caused her to believe she's teetering on the edge of a personal crisis:

"I can't understand people when they ask me if I'm worried about hitting 40. It's great that I'm here, everything is getting better."

"Who cares about a few wrinkles? I'm very happy to be here, this is just another chapter of my life... I actually think I may be having a mid-life crisis - instead of getting rid of my short skirts, I'm totally embracing them. I went out and bought myself a black leather jacket. I'm definitely having a rock-chick moment."

Watch her talk about her love for fashion below: