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Dappy reveals Whitney Houston admiration

Dappy has mourned the death of Whitney Houston - and wishes he could rewrite his track 'Rockstar' to include a mention to her.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Dappy expressed his sadness at the passing of Houston, who died on February 11.

And he reckons that if she had passed away before he wrote his track 'Rockstar', he would have included some lyrical nods to the singing star. He said:

"Losing Whitney was so sad. If it had happened before I wrote the song I'd have stuck Whitney in as well. Coming out of a band into a solo project I need to be clever with the lyrics, make people think."

Dappy also opened up on a mooted possible collaboration with Rihanna - but he claimed that if she is too busy to work with him, then he'll just have to make do with Adele. He added:

"The record is called Dare To Dream and is motivational music for people who believe they can't do nothing, a battle we have with our own mind. We've been in contact with her people and while she's busy right now as soon as I get this second No.1 they are well up for it. If it's not her then maybe I'll track down Adele in her big mansion somewhere."




Watch the video for Dappy's 'Rockstar' below: