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Dappy left Brian May in the studio for 5 hours during strip club visit

N-Dubz star Dappy has admitted that while in the studio with Queen legend Brian May he popped out for food and returned five hours later after a visit to a strip club. 

The 'No Regrets' singer, who has launched a successful solo career outside of his popular group, told The Mirror that an impulse decision saw him ditch the iconic guitarist for a considerable amount of time despite being working with him on his latest single:

"I decided out of the blue to just tell my engineer, 'Stop. Stop, stop. Everyone stop'. I said to them, 'I'll be five minutes. I'm going over to get some food'."

"I just had the urge to go to a strip club. I don't know... So I went to this club, had a couple of drinks and came back five hours later... Brian expects me to be promoting the record, not going out."




Dappy's new single, 'Rockstar', entered the midweek chart update at No.2 and the final position will be confirmed later this evening (March 4) although he previously explained that he wants to score 3 No.1 releases as a solo artist

Watch his music video for 'Rockstar' here: