Introducing Emine SARI – Incredible Story

Emine Sari has led a remarkable life, in just 24 years she has taught herself six different languages, is the European Cultural Ambassador and beaten cancer after only being given three months to live.

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Emine Sari Official Website) Emine Sari is a Turkish musician that has a very colorful and beautiful life story. She begin to teach herself the piano and study foreign languages as a young child because she loved music from different cultures and regions of the world. Emine was diagnosed with blood cancer, also known as leukemia, about 10 years ago and was told she only had a few short months to live. However, she has overcome this cancer and now lives a life freed from the complications and fears of sickness.

She has already becoming a huge success in Japan. During her struggle with cancer, Emine relocated to Japan. This is where her singing career had its birth. She participated and succeeded in various musical competitions and eventually went on tour with Matsumoto Band. Sari has already released one CD, and is currently in the UK working on her newest album.

Her ability to sing in six different languages - Turkish, English, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and Chechen - makes her very versatile and a global star.

She is planning to record a new album at the infamous Abbey Road Studios with Turkish and British producers. "I am about to finish writing my new album which will be out soon. I am working on my new CD with great producers from UK and Turkey. One of them is Dominik Johnson(UK) a super talented multi-instrumentalist, session player and producer. Also we are planning to record at The Abbey Road Studios. I am very ambitious and try to work very hard to get were I want to be," Sari explains in her exclusive interview with KOvideo.

"I belive I can be a kind of inspiration for people who live with cancer!!!" Emine Sari still is not quite where she would like to be, but she has already begun to live out her dreams and taste the satisfaction hard work brings by sticking with it even when things felt like they were going nowhere or when it meant spending 10 hours in a studio. Follow your dreams and give it all you've got!

Her latest single is called I CAN FLY:

The album will be launching shortly, and fans are encouraged to visit Emine’s website, which provides everything you could want to know about the young musician. As well as checking out videos of Emine being interviewed and photos of her in action, you can also sign up for the mailing list to receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases.

Fans can also check out her MySpace page and can even join up to be her friend on Facebook.

Emine Sarı WEBSITE:

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The new album will be released shortly.

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