Exclusive Interview with Jazz Mino

Hey Jazz, how are you, how has your week been?

Hey I’m great thank you! Last week was been hectic but so much fun. I was in between Shoreditch and Soho, working on more songs with my team, performing, and I’ve had a couple of photoshoots too. I was very ready for the weekend haha, but after taking some time to rest up – I’m excited to see what this new week will bring.

Busy week then! Are you excited to be releasing your new single ‘Crush’ on 17th November?

Yeah, I’m literally counting down the days! It’s up on Soundcloud at the moment for my fans and the response has been great. It’s also had a bit of love from all my local Shorditch Radio stations and a few hype machine blogs too, I’m really pleased that everyone seems to be loving it as much as I do!

What inspired you to cover Crush by Jennifer Paige?

I absolutely love the original version and it’s the lyrics that drew me in - It’s about just living in the moment and trying not to over analyse things. Over the past few years I’ve worked really hard to overcome anxiety, and Crush reminds me of the journey from being in that place of dread, fear and suffocating thoughts, to the person I am now. When I sing Crush I feel so happy, free and confident within myself, which is something I’ve been able to achieve by overcoming anxiety.

So what was the inspiration behind your colour changing campaign?

My main inspiration for my colour changing campaign are three topics which I feel very strongly about; diversity, equality and the importance of self-care. I’m doing a series of singles to promote these, and everytime I release a single I change colour. Each colour represents the mood of the song, and I chose orange for Crush because it’s my favourite colour. It’s so bright, bold and I personally have lots of positive associations with it. 

Crush is the second single in the campaign, you can keep up to date with all the singles & colour changes over on my Instagram here.

Do you feel it's important to promote a meaningful and positive message with your music?

I think it’s different for all artists, but I personally find it hard not to reflect the person that I am and what I stand for in my songs. I tend to write from my inner most thoughts and experiences, so right now I’m feeling so positive, strong and inspired – I want to share this with the world and hopefully have the same effect on those I connect with.

What is the message you’re trying to spread with your music?

In general, a positive outlook on life and striving for a more caring society. The message of my current single Crush, is overcoming anxiety, and raising awareness to sufferers that they’re not alone and that it is possible to overcome it.

When I struggled with anxiety, I was so overwhelmed with negative thoughts, a sense of dread, and no matter what I did I just couldn’t get rid of the feeling. During this time, the worst part of it all was that I didn’t know what I was suffering from was called anxiety. I felt so isolated and kept beating myself up for not being able to just ‘get it together’ and react in a ‘normal’ way to everyday life situations.

It was only when I built up the courage to talk to my close friends and family, that I realised I was suffering from anxiety, I wasn’t alone and that it was actually quite common. Once I was aware that there was a support network, it took a long time but very gradually I felt more optimistic, that I could cope better and eventually there would be a way out. It’s so, so important for sufferers of not just anxiety, but mental health in general to know that they’re not alone.

If you could give any nuggets of advice to younger listeners who might be struggling with anxiety and self confidence issues what would they be and why?

I think firstly, to know that they’re not alone and although talking about an issue can sometimes bring on symptoms of anxiety; if you reach out to your loved ones, they will support you. Secondly, to always stay true to yourself and remember to take care of both your physical and mental health. If anybody makes you feel, ‘less than’, just remind yourself that we are all equal regardless of who we are, where we’ve come from or how much money we have. If you work hard hard on self-believe, treating yourself and others with kindness, and stay positive, you’ll thank yourself for it in  the long run.

Who were your main musical inspirations when you were first discovering your sound?

It’s only been the past year that I’ve really found myself as an artist and the music that really moves me. I’ve been inspired by all kinds of artists from Etta James, to Freddie Mercury but over the past year I’ve been loving the vibes of Sigala, Sam Feldt, Thomas Jack, Sondr, Martin Jensen and Oliver Nelson – Their music is just so uplifting and euphoric!

Describe your songwriting process, what inspires you to write?

Generally I write from life experiences or how I feel about certain topics. I don’t have a super set songwriting method as every song is different, but I’d say I develop the chords from the mood I’m feeling, create a melody and then work on the lyrics. That said, sometimes I’ll just wake up in the middle of the night with a new hook spinning around in my head and I have to scramble to my home studio to record it!

So can we expect to hear any new music from you soon?

Very soon! My new single, Crush comes out on 17th November and I can’t wait! After that, I’ll be releasing a new single every 4-6 weeks along with a little colour change. To keep up to date with my releases, you can follow my Spotify artist page here.

Hope that you all have an amazing week filled with laughter and surrounded by those you love <3 xxxxx

November 6, 2017 7:53am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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