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Florence Welch describes performing live as 'transcendental'

Ethereal songstress Florence Welch has revealed that she 'comes back to herself' during live concerts.

The 'Spectrum' hitmaker, who is currently touring the USA in support of her album 'Ceremonials', explained to Absolute Punk that performing is "cathartic" and it makes her feel powerful:

"I feel like I suddenly come back to myself on stage. During the songs, you transcend yourself. The best way to be in the performance is to be without pause and be essentially in the moment, in that moment of expression."

"I always find it's really cathartic and it's almost like an exorcism, but then zip, I'm always just back to myself. I think I should get a bigger between-the-song persona, so then I'm not wandering around the stage like some mad old auntie that's saying hello to people and falling over."

When asked about her plans for a third record, Welch admitted that she's managed to define her sound so working on new music is an exciting prospect:

"I'm excited for the third record. It's been a grueling couple of years, but I'm glad I got the second one out because it was ready and it did feel ready. It felt like a sequel almost to 'Lungs' that needed to come out for me to let people know what I was about. 'Lung's, for better or worse, was maybe a slightly confused record."



"That was the good and bad thing about it, it was more like a scrapbook. With 'Ceremonials', it was as if I had averted the sound. I pinned it down and controlled it. Now it feels good because it feels like there’s a lot of options right now."

Watch Welch's studio video for 'Breath of Life' below: