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Flo Rida slams lawsuit, says promoter is to blame

Flo Rida has responded to a lawsuit that he was slapped with recently via popular social networking site, Facebook.

An Australian concert promoter is suing the 'Wild Ones' superstar for failing to turn up to a scheduled performance at the Fat As Butter music festival last year, and after struggling to get in contact with Flo Rida he decided to serve him the legal papers over Facebook.

Now, Flo Rida has opened up about the allegations and told that the promoter in question failed to provide him with any transportation to the concert so it's not entirely his own fault:

"Promoters try to jerk you (around)... A lot of times anyone can come up and say anything and get everyone's attention..."

"They feel like they should pay you a certain amount of money, and they feel like they shouldn't give you a ride to the venue. Maybe they thought that I should have brought my Bugatti (luxury sports car) to Australia, and that I could have brought my own car."




Watch his performance of 'Good Feeling' live on Australian television below: