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Gary Barlow: "Nicole Scherzinger rubs her bum on me"

Gary Barlow has joked about Nicole Scherzinger's drinking style, claiming the songstress "rubs her bum up on [him]" when she's enjoying an evening out.

The X Factor UK judges - along with Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh - extend their professional relationship to a social one too.

Barlow says they always have fun together, with stunning Scherzinger providing a lot of entertainment.

Speaking to British newspaper The Mirror the British singer explained: “Nicole is quite a good drinker, she’s a cheeky drinker, I clocked that the other night, we’ve been out a few times and she does it quietly, she double orders.

“She does dance routines and rubs her bum up on you and your drink’s going everywhere. It’s an awful job this, but someone’s got to do it.”

Outspoken Osbourne added: “I’m a really cheap date, give me two drinks and I’m pi**ing on the floor. I can’t take a lot of alcohol, but when I do, it’s like, ‘Woooooooo’.”






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