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Glee creator Ryan Murphy talks about plans for rest of the series

After being nominated for 2 Grammys, the creator of Glee has revealed his plans for the rest of the season.

Ryan Murphy took some time out to do a telling interview with Rolling Stone following the nominations and said:

“'Misery’ is a track that Blaine (Darren Criss) is going to do with the Warblers. I'm friendly with Adam Levine, and he texted me saying, 'I think it's time we get Maroon 5 on Glee.' I said, 'I agree, I think it'd be great.' 

Murphy also spoke about the Super Bowl episode, which will be the first one after the two-month break Glee is about to take, and addressed the rumours about the cast performing ‘Thriller’:

“We're doing a couple Michael Jackson songs this year”

Watch Darren Criss perform ‘Teenage Dream’ live at The Mint in L.A here: