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James Blunt endures mid-flight "air leak" emergency en route to Afghanistan

James Blunt has tweeted details of an in-flight scare that caused the plane he was on to return to its take-off point. 

The 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker was on board a carrier plane that had departed from Royal Air Force Brize Norton in England and was scheduled to take him to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan where he was supposed to perform for troops, but an "air leak" caused the plans to fall through. 

He tweeted earlier this afternoon, March 1: "I set off from RAF Brize Norton in a 40-year old Tristar with my keyboard player, Beardy, and 120 soldiers."

"Just had an announcement that the aircraft has got a problem. We're circling over Dubai. I can see the world's tallest building below. We have an air leak. It's become very cold on the aircraft. Only 30mins short of Camp Bastion, but we're heading back to Cyprus."




He later added: "Not going to make it to Afghanistan tonight. Broken plane. Will try again tomorrow." Watch Blunt's music video for 'I'll Be Your Man' below: