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Jessie J: 'In my job I have to pretend on a daily basis'

Hitmaker Jessie J has revealed that she had to learn to put on a good front for the press because more often than not, she meets people that she doesn't like and has to be polite and friendly for the sake of her image. 

During a new interview with Q magazine, the songstress explained that she had to create a persona for herself in order to cope with fame and she feels as though she 'pretends' every day:

"I've got to act every day. Sometimes I think someone's an absolute f**ker but I have to pretend I like them."

She went onto add that going to the Brit School helped her with this: "The Brit School wasn't like Fame at all. People go, 'Oh my God, you were there with Adele!' But she wasn't Adele and I wasn't Jessie J then. It wasn't like we were making memories to answer interview questions. It was like a normal school, but with a lot of kids who wanted to be something."

Jessie J, meanwhile, was recently named the winner of Billboard's Powerhouse award and she will be honoured by the publication at their Women In Music awards on Friday (December 12) in New York. Speaking about the award, she told Digital Spy:

"I'm really honoured and to be given a Powerhouse award is what I live for. I love all of this stuff, but singing is really my thing and that's why I started out in this business."

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