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Jessie J says charity head shave will be "massive"

Jessie J has spoken about her promised charity head shave, stating that it will be "bigger than anyone thought".

She revealed to Capital FM that she had some "massive" meetings about the shave this week and that it will definitely happen.

Jessie added that it is going to be "bigger than anyone thought" - and that it is one of her main priorities at the moment. She said:

"I have had some massive meetings, that again are secret, this week. I know that I've been talking about it for months but it's going to happen. What I did was I make sure that this wasn't just going to be a little thing that comes and goes. My second album, my tour and the head shave are the three main things at the moment for me."

She continued: "I'm very excited to announce, it might not be right now, it might not be soonish, but it's going to be bigger than anyone thought it was going to be and I'm going to try to raise as much money as I can."

Watch Jessie J's 'Laserlight' below: