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JLS reveal tactics to avoid being mobbed

JLS have revealed how they use various tactics to avoid being mobbed.

The UK boyband, who are set to chart inside the Top 10 with their official Sport Relief single, 'Proud,' later today, told the Daily Star that they often employ various different methods to throw fans off the scent when they want to go un-noticed.

Marvin said: “It’s like a military operation. We have six security guys, decoys, lookalikes, we even plant red herrings to get around safely. I shouldn’t really be giving away our secrets but we actually have decoys that dress up as us and go into the wrong hotel.

“We also go out in disguise a lot. If we want to go shopping unnoticed the best thing to do is go out on your own in a wig.”

The 27-year-old, who recently admitted he would like a 'football team' of children with girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman, also discussed the group’s concerns over the amount of injuries that have occurred during their current 4th Dimension arena tour:

"Oritse bust his leg and knee, JB as damaged his wrist and Aston nearly drowned while filming
underwater scenes for the screens.

“Even the dancers have been knocked unconscious. It really does feel like we are putting lives at risk. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a bit worried about our safety.”




Watch JLS' appearance on Sport Relief below: